Design is not just how it looks and feels. It’s also how it works.

– Steve Jobs

Pretty soon there will be a new website here with recent work and a lot more about what we can do to help you solve design challenges and the challenge of doing business online.

In the interm‚ I can tell you that we are a small design agency that runs its own businesses online with success. We have an intimate knowledge and understanding of what the hurdles and frustrations are for prospective internet business owners.

We design and build all our own websites for our online business and we also do all the Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) ourselves. So we know a fair amount about doing business online. If it was easy‚ everybody would be smiling‚ but research shows that only about 4% of online businesses are actually making any real money. If you’re at all interested in talking to us about any aspect of doing business online‚ please contact us via any of the channels below. You'll be glad that you did.